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Home Staging… Not Just For The Rich Anymore!

Thinking of selling your house? Great… but not so fast. There’s a lot more to selling your house than planting a sign on your front lawn, and A LOT more at stake. Here’s where home staging comes in. You know the saying “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. Believe it! Selling your home is one place where heeding this advice can be very valuable. High real estate prices, and busy two income families have made buyers more critical and less willing to “settle” for a property that is not in “move in” condition. And with so many new homes being built, there’s even more competition! Unable to find resale homes that look as appealing as builder’s models, many people are opting for new homes. Preparing your home to sell is your opportunity to set your house apart from the others in a competitive market. It’s also an opportunity for the largest return on investment, in the shortest period of time, that most people ever have!

With the growing popularity of HGTV, shows like Designed to Sell, Sell This House, and a multitude of decorating magazines, comes an awareness of the tremendous impact and value that home staging offers. Although home staging has been around for a long time, it is only recently becoming popular in the mainstream. Not quite sure what home staging is? Most people call it decorating homes to sell, or house fluffing. I call it preparing homes to sell. You’re probably most familiar with home staging from looking at builder’s model homes. You know that feeling. You drive up to a model home… a green lawn, perfectly edged, some nice plants and colorful flowers. The front door… clean, a sparkling light fixture and nice doormat, perhaps a large pot or two with a tree or plants. You walk in the front door. The entrance says, “come in and stay awhile”, it’s airy and fresh. The rooms flow, there is no clutter, everything is spotless, pretty views are highlighted, (bad ones camouflaged,) the colors are calming… it’s peaceful. There seems to be a place for everything and everything in its place. You’re feeling great, you’re excited… you’re thinking… “I could live here!”

That’s home staging, and that’s the feeling that I want to create at your house! My goal is to stage your home to appeal to the widest range of prospective buyers possible, so it sells fast, and for top dollar!

No plans to move, but not really enjoying your home to its full potential? Do your rooms seem unfinished and lacking style? Why not ReDesign… Stage To Live? So many people have a lot of nice things and just aren’t sure how to pull it all together. They live year after year not really enjoying their homes to its full potential. Many times all that’s needed is a little color, editing, rearranging and a few new accessories and/or art pieces to update the look of their entire house and create the home of their dreams. If people knew how easy and affordable it is to change the appearance of their homes from “drab to fab”, everyone would do it!

I love helping people get the most money for their house… and the most enjoyment from their homes!

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Deborah Brischler | Version published in the Fountain | July 2006